Financial Market Prospective Center (FMPC)

Market Research, for orienting your investments, is conducted in order to reduce the firm-specific risk through diversification and allocation of funds among several sectors, questing potential growth in different markets, hence ameliorating your asset & investments return. We also contribute to enhancing the credit rating of governments and corporations.

Educational Management Consultancy (EMC)

Strong experience in leading universities in the EMEA region and at the International Level.
We specialize in helping you accelerate your institutional improvement in order to enhance your awareness and positioning, increase enrollment, educational accreditation, get donations, expand your network with public and private sectors, develop a special partnership with corporations and universities.

Business Innovation Lab (BI Lab)

In a rapidly changing and complicated world with fast-evolving products and business models, innovation has become a must for every professional. Innovation focuses on the leader´s role as an innovator and facilitator of innovation.

At JHC we work with your team to recognize opportunities and we support the plan to transform an idea into a project. We also work with you on creating an innovation culture.

Fundraising Network (FN)

We do fundraising for universities, corporations, public and nonpublic organizations.